Weird Things that Make Women a Strange Species


Ever heard of the quote men are from Mars, women are from Venus? In Ancient Greece, women were viewed as a different species from men. As much as that view has changed, there are still a lot of mysteries surrounding the female body. Let’s take a look at some of the factors that make women alien to men.

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It’s morning, and she looks like she just rose from the dead. She complains of nausea, and at times she vomits at the smell of food. These are but some of the symptoms of morning sickness, and it is one of those things that make women a strange species. A study conducted by the University of Colorado revealed that morning sickness is a form of coping mechanism. This condition helps protect the fetus from toxins ingested by the mother. Moreover, morning sickness is an indicator of a strong baby. Women who experience this condition have fewer chances of miscarrying.

Women have a well-tuned hearing pitch. This ability develops from a young age. A 1-week old baby girl, for instance, can differentiate the voice of the mother from that of another baby. What’s stranger is that stress makes women over-sensitive to noise. A study showed that when women are stressed, the sound of a normal conversation is considered loud and can be perceived as painful. This skill is not only useful when taking care of a baby but also when communicating with others. Women can tell if someone is lying to them.

Women have a higher IQ than men. Whereas the male brain is bigger, women score better on intelligence tests by 3%. Moreover, women can multitask, unlike their male counterparts. This unique ability has to do with the structure of the cerebellum. This part of the brain is bigger in females and has more than 30% nerve connectivity compared to men.

X-chromosome makes women strange. Whereas men are XY-chromosome, women are XX. A study by Gent University showed that the X-chromosome in women gives them a stronger immune system compared to their male counterparts. The additional X comes packed with microRNA. As a result, the immune system of the woman is better equipped to strengthen the immune system of the baby and minimize the risk of cancer.

Women bounce back faster from the flu than men. Whether it is the flu or any other sickness, you can bet that she will heal more quickly than you. This unusual event has to do with the estrogen hormone. A study from the  McGill University Research Centre on Complex Traits revealed that the hormone estrogen in females not only slows down aging but also suppresses the inflammation process in the event of an illness.


Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) is a condition that occurs less frequently as females age. This condition is common among teens and consists of symptoms such as headaches, joint and muscle pains, skin problems, e.t.c. PMS can be a frustrating time for women. It is a time when they appear “moody” as they may be easily angered, sad, or strangely distant.

Females are biologically wired to spot the alpha-female. Biologically, females are wired to get along with men and keep peace in male-dominated places. Alpha-females are wired to act as peacekeepers and conduct social behavior. So, how do females spot an alpha female? You will notice that in a group of women, most of them face the alpha female. Women easily pick up on the conversations of the alpha. Women may even laugh at the same amount of time that she does.

Females have different breast sizes. More than 90% of females have unequally sized breasts. One may have a different size, position, volume, or form compared to the other. No part of the body is perfectly symmetrical.

Arousal is the same for all females. Be it food, sex, or the sight of a good pair of heels; women are aroused from the same part of the brain. The part that lights up is even more visible when she craves for food during pregnancy.

Birth Control makes females less attractive. Birth control works by introducing “manly” hormones in the body. Science has proven that fertile females are attractive, even if they have no desire for a child. This attractiveness has a lot to do with the hormone estrogen that influences the females’ scent and biological tendencies. However, when they take birth control pills, the attractiveness diminishes as the work of estrogen is significantly reduced.

We cannot fail to mention that women have colder bodies compared to males. The reason behind this is that females their metabolic rate is lower compared to men. The female body is 37º F, unlike men at 38º F. Aside from metabolism, female bodies have a higher surface area to volume ratio as well as a smaller muscle mass. These factors contribute to the rapid loss of heat.

Do the facts stated here make surprise you? Are there any other weird things about females that we haven’t listed here? Kindly share your thoughts in the comments section below.