20 Reasons Why You Should Not Eat Too Much Bananas


#19 Weight Gain

20 Reasons You Should Not Eat Bananas
Courtesy of: findhealthtips.com

Although bananas do not increase as much weight as the normal calorie-rich foods do, banana, if eating frequently and in abundance, causes the individual to gain weight. A keen eye needs to be placed on the portion sizes of a person who is eating bananas, otherwise they may end up gaining weight. Banana has more calories than the relative serving of a lot of other fruits.




  1. I love bananas. I have one everyday at breakfast along with toast with butter and cheese and jam. And, a cup of coffee. I have done this for years. I am 78 yars old and I look like 58. Feel good. Have energy.

    Well, I guess it depends on the individual. Organisms can react in different ways…

  2. Absolute Piffle,Why are these people seemingly allowed to print such garbage.
    Everything in moderation is basic common sense.
    They should concentrate their investigations into something useful to mankind
    Like a long term cure for Covid!!
    How much do these people get PAID?

  3. I eat a lot of bananas when there is Banana season from our own trees.
    I guess there may be a lot of fertilizers and insect repellent chemicals in the bananas sold in the western world in the shop, green harvested and shipped all over the world. So if you are intolerant, then do not eat if you like them eat not to much and all will work out