Exercises to Help People Who Suffer from Foot, Knee, or Hip Pain


Joint pain especially in the knees, foot and hip is a common phenomenon across the world, for instance in the US 15% to 20% of people suffer from knee pain and is considered as the second most common causes of chronic pain. People over the age of 30 are likely to suffer from knee, foot and hip pain as a result of injury and tiredness as they perform their daily tasks.

We will be discussing on some of the most effective ways you can make use of physical therapy that will alleviate this type of joint and leg pain. Staying healthy and free of any physical pain is important for any wholesome life. We will be explaining some of the exercises to do to help achieve this and more.

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The first exercise you can perform is the Heel raises. You will need to be standing stainght behind a chair and grabbing hold of it with both hands as shown above. Begin by raising one leg by folding the knee, without leaving the ground, slowly precede to raise the other leg in a tip-toe fashion until your balancing on that foots toes, reverse this motion slowly until your heel is rested on the flour. Repeat this exercise on both legs at least 10 each set for 3 sets. This exercise builds strength in the ankles and on the muscles around the knee area.

Toe walking sometimes resembling fast tip-toing is another very easy exercise to perform while you move around your workplace or home. This simply entails walking around on your toes at a faster pace than tip toing for 10 to 15 minutes or until you feel tired. This exercise builds strength in the calf area and on the toes and balls of your feet.

Ankle circles are a great workout for people with weak ankles. This exercise requires you to be in a sitting or standing position. Raise one leg as you rest the other and begin to slowly rotate the raised foot in a circular motion. Continue the rotation for ten counts each set of counts should be in the opposite direction of the other. 10 rotations clockwise followed by 10 anticlockwise rotations. Do this for each leg.

Resistance training entails the use of a resistance band. This exercise requires you to be in a sitting position on a flat, comfortable surface, you can use a yoga mat. Fix the resistance band around a stationery object that does not move easily when pulled such as around the leg of a couch or any other heavy piece of furniture. Place one leg over the other and slightly bend the leg below at the knee as shown above. Place the resistance band over the foot of the leg on top and begin to slowly pull the resistance band towards your abdomen as you bend your foot. Repeat this exercise at least 10 times on either leg. This exercise builds strength in both your calf muscles and your inner and outer thigh muscles.

Image Credits: newsmag.tn

Toe grabbing is a great exercise for your toes. This exercise entails curling your toes on their own and grabbing a piece of clothing or towel using just the toes. You can also place small pebbles on the ground and try to pick them up using only your toes placing them in a basket one after the other.

Walking on balls is a great exercise that allows you to relax and train the balls of your feet. For this exercise you will make use of a tennis ball or anything of the same diameter and shape. While sitting on a chair, place your foot over the tennis ball and step on it. Start pushing the ball back and forth towards your toes and then back to your heels. Continue this enjoyable massage like exercise for a minute or two on each foot.

Acupressure and foot massage are two widely popular relaxation techniques around the world. Place thumbs on either side of your foot as shown and start to massage these two areas for around 15 minutes. This will help relax your sore feet.

We hope these leg exercises will help you stay pain free and healthy. What other exercises have you tried or would like to recommend for feet?