25 Everyday Foods That Are Harming Your Body’s Health


Many foods that we are regularly eating are serving as slow poisons and are slowly but surely harming our bodies. Many of these items are included in the daily diet of a regular individual. This is seriously deteriorating the health of the population and making them more prone to diseases. We gathered a list of 25 such slow poisons that are dangerous to your health.

#25 Agave Nectar

25 Everyday Foods That Are Slowly Killing You
Courtesy of: smallfootprintfamily.com

This nectar looks almost like honey and is used to make the alcoholic drink tequila. The nectar is also widely used as an alternative for white processed sugar. Many people believe that its use as a sweetener is healthy, but agave nectar is extremely toxic. It has abundant free fructose molecules. These fructose molecules do not appease hunger, and you continue eating. This leads to diseases like obesity and bulimia.