Easy to Ignore Signs That Prove Your Body is Swamped with Toxins


The mirror does not tell it all. It is easy to wake up, follow the regular cleaning up routine, dress up, and go out without giving a second thought to the toxins that we carry. We think that if we had toxins, we would probably be in the ICU clinging on to dear life. The truth, however, is that your body may be swamped with toxins, but you have no idea.

We live in a toxic world. Take, for example, your everyday smartphone. Studies reveal that your smartphone carries more toxins than your toilet. When toxins accumulate in your body, your chances of ending up in the hospital are high. The good news though, is that you do not have to wait for hospitalization. You can spot that your body is flooded with toxins soon enough and work towards preventing illness.

Let’s take a look at some of the innocent warning signs that prove that the body has high toxic build-up.

Image Credits: brightside.me

It is normal to shed some hair every day. However, when the shedding becomes more than usual, then it is likely that you are suffering from toxic build-up. Hair loss or acute alopecia is caused when toxins such as lead, arsenic, and thallium pile up in the body. Thallium is a chemical found in cigarettes. Also, if you take antidepressants or birth control pills, then the toxic chemicals resulting from these drugs can cause rapid hair loss.

Constipation is another sign of toxic build-up. Presently, most of the food we consume comes with a degree of chemicals. A bag of chips, for example, has preservatives and may contain acrylamide. We also consume a high percentage of artificial flavorings and other chemicals. Our bodies cannot digest these chemicals. Inevitably, we end up with constipation from the toxic build-up.

Brain fog is a symptom associated with toxic build-up. If you feel dizzy or are having a difficult time thinking or understanding things, then you are likely a victim of toxic build-up. The toxins exceed the level of minerals and nutrients that your brain receives. As a result, whether you have a good night’s rest or not, your mind won’t process things well.

Smelly sweat even after you shower and apply deodorant is evidence of toxic build-up — the toxins. As the body tries to digest the toxins, it releases gases and odors that escape through the sweat pores. Antiperspirants and frequenting wiping of the armpits during the day may not be able to mask the stench.

Pain in the muscles and joints is another innocent sign that we ignore. Aching joints are associated with a variety of things, for instance, the gym. However, if you barely engage in any physical tasks and you experience aching, then toxic build-up may be the cause. The toxins cause inflammation on the muscle tissues leading to the aching.

Image Credits: brightside.me

Blemishes on the skin are a sign that all is not well. The skin is always exposed to numerous pollutants. Moreover, soaps and laundry detergents that we use are full of harmful chemicals. If you notice blemishes such as acne, eczema or rashes, then you need to detox immediately.

Toxin-Induced Sleep disorder is also a sign of toxic build-up. High amount of toxins negatively affect the performance of the sleep hormone known as Cortisol.

Weight gain can be due to toxins. Environmental toxins negatively affect the body’s hormones and insulin levels. These toxins come from plastics, heavy metals (lead, arsenic), air pollution, and parabens. The build-up of these toxins means that you may notice weight gain even if you go to the gym or have eliminated carbs from your diet.

Halitosis or Persistent bad breath is an indicator that you need to detox. Your liver cannot function well if your body is full of toxins. As a result, toxins build-up in the bloodstream leading to foul breath.

Brittle, ugly looking toenails indicate toxic build-up. Your nails can communicate a lot about the health of your body. If you notice that your nails are split, cracked, have red streaks, puffy cuticle, ridges, tarnished appearance, or appear ripped or pitted, then you need to detox. Gravity helps to move the toxins to your lower body parts. Moreover, we hide our toenails away in closed shoes and socks. In the end, toenails are a great way to determine whether you suffer from high toxins or not.

If you notice any of these ten steps, then you need to take up a detox regimen that will work for you. Start with simple measures such as taking organic food, drinking lots of fluids, and limiting alcohol and cigarette intake. These simple steps will help reduce the toxins in your body while giving you that good feeling.