20 Easy Methods We Advise to Get Rid of Acne


One of the dominating senses of Humans is the aesthetic sense. Although this sense is also found in some other creatures but Humans excel in it. They have always been trying to decorate their homes, their vehicle, their dresses, and even their bodies. They have invented different tools to help them in different fields of life. Facial beauty is the weakness of almost all the Human Beings. All the Humans, irrespective of their sex, are conscious of their face beauty. They use different types of creams and many others this type of lotions to maintain the freshness of their faces.

One of the most widely spread skin problems is the Acne or Pimples. It tends to make the skin dull and dry. The whole attraction of the beauty fades away if one is suffering from acne disease. People, who are suffering from this disease, try different methods of getting rid of this disease. Some go to Dermatologist to find the treatment of their skin and some try natural tricks to overcome this problem. Here, we will discuss top twenty ways to get rid of this problem.

1. Lemon Juice and Cinnamon Powder

courtesy of: coolhealthyrecipes.com

The very first and easy natural way to get rid of pimples or acne is to apply the lemon juice to the affected area. This can be done through cotton swab. The natural vitamin C in lemon juice helps to dry up this acne. One thing to keep in mind is that always use the fresh lemon juice not the frozen or bottled. You can also make a mixture of lemon juice and cinnamon powder and it will become more effective. But it is not recommended for persons with sensitive skin.